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Applicant Tracking System: Principles And Benefits

Everyone nowadays is aware of the applicant tracking system (ATS software) and how it helps with the recruitment process electronically. But are its features limited to that? Let’s find out about its features and benefits.

An ATS can be implemented or accessed online at an enterprise or small business level, depending on the requirements of the association, free of charge and accessible by all. In several cases, they sort out applications without human interventions, based on prearranged criteria such as keywords, skills, former employees, years of experience and education. This has caused numerous people to become accustomed to resume optimization techniques analogous to those used in search engine optimization when creating and formatting their resume.

Principles Of ATS

The ATS is expanding rapidly into diminutive and intermediate enterprises through open source or software services. The principle purpose of an ATS is to endow with a central location and database for a company’s recruitment efforts.

Data is either composed of internal applications via the ATS front-end, positioned on the company website or is extracted from applicants on job boards. The majority of job and resume boards like Linkedin.com, Indeed.com, Hotjobs, and others have a partnership with ATS software providers to offer parsing support and easy data relocation from one system to another.

With the initiation of ATS, resume optimization techniques and online tools are frequently used by applicants to amplify their probability of landing an interview call.

Benefits Of ATS

ATS application in the recruitment industry includes the ability to computerize the recruitment progression from beginning to end a defined workflow.

Another benefit of an ATS is analyzing and coordinating recruitment efforts supervising the theoretical arrangement known as human capital.

Candidates are identified via pre-existing data or through information accumulated through other means. This data is usually stored for search and reclamation processes.

According to Wikipedia, “Applicant tracking systems may also be referred to as talent acquisition and management products and are provided via an application service provider.”

As the data held within this software is predominantly personal, it is often tightly proscribed by data security legislation, preventing data from being held offshore, which habitually places a lawful restriction on the use of software as a service provider.

Recently, because of the increase in the importance of personal data protection and data safety, the applicant tracking system helps companies stay put acquiescent with the data they stored related to candidates’ recruitment.

These are the few basic principles and benefits of the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software. An ATS is very similar to customer relationship management (CRM) systems, but are developed for recruitment tracking procedures.

Emojis that Often Confuse you

Emojis are a very important part of our daily life in this digital era. Whether you like or don’t like emojis, you have to confess that emojis work better than text on the digital platform. People use it in their daily communication it is very famous among all and this why 230 new emojis are introduce this year.

Using emojis people can share their emotions, expression, or actions to their friends and family rather than text. Generally, we use happy faces, cute heart text symbol, sad faces, funny faces, depressed face and many more in our daily conversion. But due know other than these, other emojis use for a different purpose. But sometimes one emoji use to represent two meanings which often confused us.

Below we give some emojis that often confused us with their actual meaning.

Confuse emoji

Emojis that Confuse You All the times

Folded hands or hi-five:

By seeing an emoji some of us predict this is folded hands or some of us predict this means hi-five. Actually, when you think this is the hi-five emojis, then it is actually a person simply pressing his or her hands together. But while you think about folded hand than it can be represented as to say please or thank you.

Waving hand or slap:

When you see this emoji first you predict that it represents to slap you, but in another case when you think then it also represents waving hand. Desi mums generally use this emoji use in the context of slap. Waving hands can be used to say hello or goodbye. As per emojipedia, this emoji represents to convey the message of not being friends anymore.

Upside down smile:

This emoji can be used in various meanings as per your needs. Some of us find this symbol used as a lively smile while others are used in the context of sarcastically and unluckily. As per the emojipedia this symbol used to convey irony, joking, silliness, sarcasm, or sense of goofiness. This emoji look likes shruggie emoji in your message. To generate this emoji click here.

Poop emoji or chocolate ice cream:

While seeing this emojis almost all predict this emoji represents chocolate ice-cream. But other than chocolate ice cream it also represents poop. Poop emoji can be used for any bathroom related conversion. So, as per your need, you can use this emoji.

Grimace or Awkward grin:

At the first look, this emoji represents grimace which means to compressed teeth and might be used to express an awkward smile. So, you can use this emoji as per the situation while communicating with others.

Many emojis represent double meaning. You can use all these confusing emojis as per your needs an situation.

How to Boost your Sales Using Emojis

Emojis works because people love it to share their expression via message. In the past emojis were only used in smartphones but nowadays they are widely used at places. Simply happy emojis indicates that you are happy. Not only in your communication but you can also use appropriate emojis for your business to boost your sales and marketing.

If you heard this first time then yes, you can use the emojis to boost your sales. Here we describe some tips that help to boost your company sales.

How to Boost your Sales Using Emojis

Tips to Boost your Sales by Emojis

Know your target audience:

Choosing an appropriate emojis for your business is important for you to get success in your sales. There are many emojis available online, but before you use it know their actual meaning properly. It is not good that you use emojis without knowing their actual meaning. You want to use emojis that related to your audience.

Don’t overuse emojis:

You should use emojis at the proper time and place. Emojis are gimmicky, so do not overuse emojis in your sales copy. Use them as per your needs. So, it makes sense. For example, in your message, you only use emojis for long sentences instead of words then it may create miscommunication and your customers or receiver do not understand the message properly.

Know the meaning of emojis properly:

Many brands use emojis in their sales copies perfectly and their work. But if you do it the first time then you should know the meaning of that emojis you used in your sales. Incorrect emojis may create miscommunication. If you use vomit faces emojis in your restaurant campaign then it may not work and it creates a negative impact on your customers. So, before using any emojis know their meaning properly.

Use emojis interactivity:

Generally, we use emojis on social media while chatting with our friends and family. By this, you know very well that which emojis is perfect for your business and which is not. So, create a campaign in which a customer is a main part of the campaign. For that, you can create games, and content with proper use of emojis.

Use Emojis in Campaigns:

When you use emojis in your campaign, it boosts your business sales and marketing. By using emojis you can make your campaign colorful and interactive. In your campaign, you can use Food emojis then you are easily available or you can also get from lennyface.me. You should include this Food emojis in your campaign. Using emojis in your marketing campaign can help to boost your customer’s attention and engagement. So, to run a marketing campaign, you can use emojis in your marketing campaign and it’s ultimately boosting your sales.

Now you know how emojis help to boost your overall sales and know why restaurants most of the restaurant use emojis in their sales.

Awesome Online Communities for Military Spouses

Being a military spouse is not very easy for all. When their partner is with them then it is very easy to live. But when he or she is on-duty and one realizes that there is no clue how to deal with the loneliness. This is very difficult for those who never communicate with anyone. At the time of his or her loneliness, he or she will not find anyone closest to them.

In this situation, television or movies is the best option for his or her. But do you know there are many online communities only for military spouses? So, if you are a military spouse and sharing your loneliness with others then you should join these communities. Here we give some well-known communities that might be helpful for a military spouse.

Military Spouses

The Best Communities for Military Spouses


The American Military Partner Association was created for the purpose of advocating and creating space for military families. To join this community, one should visit the official website that is hosts a wealth of information and resources so that families can advocate and join in this community.

Military Spouse:

In the Military Spouse community, one can join online and offline. This community offers a wide range of perspectives from the military community. If you do not know about the military spouse community then it will organize the yearly competition and runs active community forums.

Homefront United:

Every military family can join this online community. The Homefront united is specially designed for National Guard and reserves communities. In this community, you should also know about one very interesting phenomenal military copypasta if you don’t know about this concept. Homefront United is written by Guard and Reserve spouses and they offer very good knowledge and resources that you do not find anywhere.

Macho Spouse:

This community is generally for a female spouse, but male spouses also participate in this community. Macho Spouse is a community for those who love their military family member. This community has its own website, on which you can share your articles, video, forums, and articles where the male spouse can connect with each other and ask their questions.

NextGen MilSpouse:

Many military spouses that focus on the modern military family write NextGen. In this, they publish many articles for career, finances, military life, relationship, and many more. NextGen works with different non-partisan political initiatives and keeps an eye out for their Facebook club.

There is no way to get rid of your loneliness when your spouse is on duty in the military. So, to be active you should join any of the above-given communities that might help you to spend your time. To more details about military time click here.

Why Students Choose Istanbul to Study

Abroad studying is a dream of almost every student. Due to their financial conditions, fewer opportunities, and many more reasons they cannot fulfill their dream and they stop dreaming. However, now many counties or cities open the doors for international students for studying. Among those cities, Istanbul is one that provides excellent study opportunities in various UG, PG, and PhDs courses for international students.

Not to limit for studying but other than this there are many reasons why some of us find Istanbul as the best city for international students. Below we provide valid reasons behind Istanbul is the best place to study in Turkey.

Why Study in Istanbul

Istanbul is well known as the educational hub and home for many the best public and private universities in Turkey that provide higher education in education, health, medicine and research fields. Not only this but there are so many other reasons that make Istanbul the best place to study.

Quality Education

In Istanbul, you can find old universities with a good reputation and that accept many international students in order to improve their participation internationally. Universities in Turkey provide you any course in English without compromising their quality level.

Lower Educational Cost

Turkish universities provide quality education at a lower cost. Most of the universities in Istanbul, Turkey have international recognition. In case of high quality, you should also apply for the scholarships that provide by the Turkish government and universities sometimes with travel allowance also. To know the best universities in Istanbul for studying then visit turkeyscholarships.online website.

Magical Weather

Istanbul is also known as the city of magic. In Istanbul, you will experience all seasons if you are from the continental area in Europe. The transitional Mediterranean environment of Istanbul allows growing many different plants and trees and due to this, you can see attractive landscapes in Istanbul.

Diversity in Culture

In the city of miracle, you will find people from various countries like Europe, Christian, Islamic, Asian and many others lives in the same place. Istanbul also ruled by Greek and ottomans before consider as a new region. So, you can find various castles, religious and tourist places in Istanbul for all.

Lovely Local and Developed Civilization

Istanbul has combinations of nationality that comes from across the world. So, that you can find some streets have a majority of Arabs, Iranian, Afghanis and many more. All these streets have restaurants and shops that are selling traditional stuff. Come to Turkish then they are very friendly, open-minded, lovely whose easily deal and face many internationals throughout the day.

These are some awesome reasons why students choose Istanbul as the best place for higher education. If you want to fulfill the dream of your high study then you can choose Istanbul for your study.

How to Apologize your Girlfriend?

Sometimes words and actions hurt you more than we expect from them. We know fights are an important part of a relationship and you cannot avoid them. But sometimes some things we say and do in the heat hurts us a lot and leave a deep impression in our mind. So, in this case, you need to you should take immediate action and apologize for your acts, there is best apology letter writing tips that help you to write the best apology letter.

An apology is very essential when you are in the relationship and if you did something bad to her then you should apologize to your girlfriend honestly in an appropriate manner. If you love your girlfriend more and cannot imagine life without her then you should use effective ways to apologize to her without wasting your time.

Best Ways to Apologize Your Girlfriend

Using Words:

This is the most used and common way to say sorry to your girlfriend. So, simply say I am sorry for your rude behavior.

Bring gifts for her:

Generally, we all like gifts. But while sending or giving a gift to her make sure it cannot acts as a hokey. So, bring gifts like flowers, and chocolates to her with a short message of apology. Flowers are the best for a way to apologize to your girlfriend.

Compose a letter:

We know letters are the best way to express your emotions to her without facing her. If you are a writer than you should compose an apology letter girlfriend rather than verbally. If your girlfriend likes reading then you should compose a letter. So, to apologize to your girlfriend, a letter is the best and effective way than all.

Send a text message:

In today’s modern time, a text message is equally important as a handwritten letter. People most used text messages because they are nice, convenient and fast. Instead of waiting for the next day you see your girlfriend, using text messages you can immediately apologize to your girlfriend without waiting for the next day.

Apologize your girlfriend in public:

Although it is the best way, some girls do not as that other people know about your relationship. Before apologizing to your girlfriend in public be careful. In public, do not force her to forgive you. Use a straightforward way for a public apology. Just go to her and look into her eyes and say sorry for your actions.

Write an apology poem to her:

If you are a poet then you should write a poem for her and in your poem, you mention your feeling and you are guilty of your acts.

We know couples fight are common but if you are in fault then you should say sorry to your girlfriend without any hesitation immediately. You can also use any of the above-mentioned ways to apologize to your girlfriend, for more information about the apology letter visit sampleletter.online.

All About The Army Boot Camp Training

Want to join in Army boot camp? If yes then basic training runs 10 weeks and divided into three stages: red, white and blue. Below we give you complete details about all stages with what you can anticipate during each phase.

Military Basic Training Stage 1: Red Phase

Training according to military time 24-hour clock: the objective of your phase 1 training is to start your change from an overwhelmed volunteer to a confident soldier. During the red phase (or patriot phase), you’ll find out the fundamentals of soldiering, including army heritage and also the seven core army values.

During these initial 3 weeks, you’ll get a complete intro to the following:

  • The army’s core worths, customs, and ethics
  • Setting up, taking apart as well as caring for your m16
  • The nuclear-biological-chemical (NBC) chamber
  • Security and group dispersion self-control
  • Combative: hand-to-hand combat as well as guerrilla workouts
  • Barracks assessments
  • Running, tactical daylight marches as well as health and fitness training

Army Basic Training Stage 2: White Phase

The white stage (additionally called basic boot camp training) focuses on creating your combat skills, with special emphasis on weapons and also physical conditioning training.

Below are the requirements that you’ll cover in this phase according to military time chart:

  • Basic rifle marksmanship (brm) and rifle certification.
  • Zeroing a rifle.
  • Involving targets at various ranges as well as from various positions.
  • Prioritizing numerous targets all at once.
  • Hand-to-hand training.
  • Rappelling the warrior tower.
  • Extra barracks evaluations.
  • Continued study of army values, ethics as well as traditions.
  • Night training and even more fitness training.
  • Map and compass reading.

Army Basic Training Stage 3: Blue Stage.

The last stage of BCT- heaven, or warrior, phase-will develop your private tactical training, increase your leadership abilities as well as self-control, as well as enhance your understanding of teamwork.

These 3 weeks are spent on the following:

  • Advanced rifle marksmanship (consisting of the use of intending tools such as lasers).
  • Maneuvering and also engaging targets as part of a group.
  • Guard ethics and criteria, with the continued research study of army worth.
  • Convoy procedures.
  • Extra tools training machine guns, grenade launchers, and mines.
  • Defeating improvised eruptive devices/mines.
  • Armed forces operations in urban surface (mout– battling in a city).
  • 10-kilometer and 15-kilometer tactical foot marches.
  • Area training workout on camp, where you’ll connect all your training.
  • Completion of the cycle test (EOCT): 212 jobs, which you’re required to pass.
  • The military fitness examination (APFT), which you must pass to finish from BCT.

Military Basic Educating Graduation

The final week of BCT has to do with soldiers and also their families. After you finish the last training occasions (one week of area training and a 15-kilometer march back to the message), you’ll get a day with your family to catch up on your current experiences– and also you’ll have plenty to discuss. The next day, you’ll graduate, before going on to your next stage of training (generally advanced individual training, or ait).

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How to Make a Reliable Study Routine for University Students?

Making a timetable for the study is a difficult and tedious job after school life. In university, points change as well as suddenly you have to intend things all on your own. This is when the need arises to produce your study timetable for college examinations.

But for some of us making their time table by own is difficult and considers this process is time-consuming. Nowadays there is so many schedule maker for work apps available for timetable making. You can use any of them for making the best timetable and schedule your day.

College years are one of the most happening stages of one’s life. It’s the time when almost every little thing has a component of enjoyment connected to it but you need to do correct researches with enjoyment. And you have to follow guidelines of schedule so, here we give tips that help to make your timetable.

Tips You Have to Know Before Making Your Timetable

Establish Realistic Study Goals

Although planning points ahead of time and sometimes even in a substantial way is a wonderful point however still preparing alone isn’t going to take you anywhere. There is a great deal of other things also that one requires to consider. For instance, excellent planning can end up as complete waste unless and up until you can perform that planning in an actual scenario.

Take Breaks at Regular Intervals

You must have observed most university students attempt to study for very long hours in a single stretch. This is quite a common scenario throughout examination periods. If asked why they would simply specify that it if they would certainly take breaks it would damage their concentration. Which unfortunately is a typical idea among most youngsters. There are also you can check why the break is important.

Recognize Your Knowing Design

The initial step is to identify the technique that functions best for you when it concerns finding out new points or remembering something that you currently know. Various methods function best for different people like some people learn points much better by writing them down, others like reciting while some others prefer paying attention to them and yet some choose aesthetic methods such as making flashcards as well as other such things. For that, you need to find in which field you are good. So, choose them based on your interest.

Study on Regular Basis

Just one of the major things that college students do wrong is to try and study whatever throughout the examination season. Some open their textbooks and notes for the very first time a few days before the examination. While it might seem like something great since almost everyone around you is doing that, it is very discouraging. So, try to daily study schedule and work as your schedule to get rank in the exam.

Track Your Success

Having made all these efforts would amount to absolutely nothing if the procedure is producing no effective results for you. Hence, it is critical that you track your development and also examine it the approach is doing any type of excellent to you or not.

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Technology & Mental Health: Spreading Awareness At Workplace

Technology has given us the freedom to explore more in less time. To fulfill the same motto in the 4th Industrial revolution, automation came across as the main player in every field the uses technology. HR technology has also been affected and the drastic change in HR management due to automation in recruitment solutions and other HR activities. What underlies these automation revolution is the stress.

Humans are not known to handle even a small change in their lives, and such a change in the whole system is something hard to digest for everyone. One has to learn new skills, excel in them and innovate on a regular basis. This pressure and other constant evils in every age (harassment, work pressure, etc.) have led to an epidemic in the workplace and thus reducing productivity.

HR Consultant

Top HR Consultant On Mental Health Awareness

When asked Amy Robertson, CEO of Soul Advantage LLC about addressing mental health issues in the workplace, she responded with the current scenario in terms of numbers and solutions the industry is undertaking.

“The facts are that one in five adults in the United States experience mental illness. And 17 percent of youth between the ages of 6 and 17 years of experience a mental health disorder. Think about the people you work closely with at your company—if you are not directly impacted, your co-workers are. This means that your teammates are coming into the workplace every day dealing with some heavy burdens that may distract them or prevent them from operating at their best.”

“The modern manager embraces their own vulnerability and the vulnerability of their workers. Being a great manager during an emotionally or mentally tough time doesn’t mean you have to know all of the facts, but being able to recognize the situation is critical. When I was living through an extended crisis in my own family, my manager didn’t pry, but she said this to me, I’m here when you need me. I will listen if you need an ear. Please tell me what I can do to support you best during this time?”

“Even though she didn’t have all the details of what my family was experiencing, she knew enough to create a space for me to process. Her support meant the world to me. The most successful companies will hold their managers accountable for working this way and train them to do it.”

For more insights on what top HR recruiters and managers say on the mental health issue, click here.

Pajamas: A Great Gift for All Occasions

Pajamas are amongst the things that an individual could not obtain enough of because of its effectiveness. Pajamas can be used for house sleeping as well as for residence wear also. For tourists who generally like to sleep in resorts, nothing defeats the need of bringing pajamas.

There Are Some Attributes of Pajamas

What is gorgeous about pajamas is that they can be used by people from all walks of life whether they are men or ladies. Pajamas are ideal for individuals of every age whether they be young or old or those who are really feeling young. Pajamas can be given as a gift in many occasions. You can also please children by giving them kids pajamas. Take a look at the scrub being put on by the doctor and also there is a close resemblance to pajamas.

Medical professionals may technically call them scrubs however based on style and form they are really the great old pajamas worn by ordinary people for sleeping and for lounging around the house on careless mid-days. Pajamas have gained a large reputation because they are extremely comfortable to use. It provides the wearer a lot of room to move around while resting, cleansing and even horticulture.

A household that loves taking place camping journeys will likewise benefit from obtaining pajamas as a gift. The head of the family can pick different sizes, styles and also the color of pajamas to be distributed as outdoor camping provides for the entire family members.

Kids who commonly rest out at the house of their friends will certainly value pajamas as a gift from mommy. It just shows how their mothers take care of them and will advise the kid of her mommy also is she is with her good friends.

Pajamas in Different Shapes and Sizes

Pajamas come in all shapes and sizes as well as styles also. One can customize their pajamas based on their very own choices. Someone that feels dull putting on cotton pajamas can pick silk pajamas that are very advanced. There are also different types of pajamas are available in the market.

Nearly everybody might have some use for pajamas so they are excellent present items. Pajamas can be given to daddies, mommies, siblings, sweethearts, boyfriends as well as also instructors. Their rates vary as well so there is no concern of overdoing it when getting jammies for as long as the provider understands which kind to offer a certain person.


Pajamas can be given as gifts to practically any person due to the fact that it can stand either as a personal or impersonal present. It can also be offered to an office superior or an additional reputable people in the community paired with a robe. 

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