Emojis that Often Confuse you

Emojis are a very important part of our daily life in this digital era. Whether you like or don’t like emojis, you have to confess that emojis work better than text on the digital platform. People use it in their daily communication it is very famous among all and this why 230 new emojis are introduce this year.

Using emojis people can share their emotions, expression, or actions to their friends and family rather than text. Generally, we use happy faces, cute heart text symbol, sad faces, funny faces, depressed face and many more in our daily conversion. But due know other than these, other emojis use for a different purpose. But sometimes one emoji use to represent two meanings which often confused us.

Below we give some emojis that often confused us with their actual meaning.

Confuse emoji

Emojis that Confuse You All the times

Folded hands or hi-five:

By seeing an emoji some of us predict this is folded hands or some of us predict this means hi-five. Actually, when you think this is the hi-five emojis, then it is actually a person simply pressing his or her hands together. But while you think about folded hand than it can be represented as to say please or thank you.

Waving hand or slap:

When you see this emoji first you predict that it represents to slap you, but in another case when you think then it also represents waving hand. Desi mums generally use this emoji use in the context of slap. Waving hands can be used to say hello or goodbye. As per emojipedia, this emoji represents to convey the message of not being friends anymore.

Upside down smile:

This emoji can be used in various meanings as per your needs. Some of us find this symbol used as a lively smile while others are used in the context of sarcastically and unluckily. As per the emojipedia this symbol used to convey irony, joking, silliness, sarcasm, or sense of goofiness. This emoji look likes shruggie emoji in your message. To generate this emoji click here.

Poop emoji or chocolate ice cream:

While seeing this emojis almost all predict this emoji represents chocolate ice-cream. But other than chocolate ice cream it also represents poop. Poop emoji can be used for any bathroom related conversion. So, as per your need, you can use this emoji.

Grimace or Awkward grin:

At the first look, this emoji represents grimace which means to compressed teeth and might be used to express an awkward smile. So, you can use this emoji as per the situation while communicating with others.

Many emojis represent double meaning. You can use all these confusing emojis as per your needs an situation.