Technology & Mental Health: Spreading Awareness At Workplace

Technology has given us the freedom to explore more in less time. To fulfill the same motto in the 4th Industrial revolution, automation came across as the main player in every field the uses technology. HR technology has also been affected and the drastic change in HR management due to automation in recruitment solutions and other HR activities. What underlies these automation revolution is the stress.

Humans are not known to handle even a small change in their lives, and such a change in the whole system is something hard to digest for everyone. One has to learn new skills, excel in them and innovate on a regular basis. This pressure and other constant evils in every age (harassment, work pressure, etc.) have led to an epidemic in the workplace and thus reducing productivity.

HR Consultant

Top HR Consultant On Mental Health Awareness

When asked Amy Robertson, CEO of Soul Advantage LLC about addressing mental health issues in the workplace, she responded with the current scenario in terms of numbers and solutions the industry is undertaking.

“The facts are that one in five adults in the United States experience mental illness. And 17 percent of youth between the ages of 6 and 17 years of experience a mental health disorder. Think about the people you work closely with at your company—if you are not directly impacted, your co-workers are. This means that your teammates are coming into the workplace every day dealing with some heavy burdens that may distract them or prevent them from operating at their best.”

“The modern manager embraces their own vulnerability and the vulnerability of their workers. Being a great manager during an emotionally or mentally tough time doesn’t mean you have to know all of the facts, but being able to recognize the situation is critical. When I was living through an extended crisis in my own family, my manager didn’t pry, but she said this to me, I’m here when you need me. I will listen if you need an ear. Please tell me what I can do to support you best during this time?”

“Even though she didn’t have all the details of what my family was experiencing, she knew enough to create a space for me to process. Her support meant the world to me. The most successful companies will hold their managers accountable for working this way and train them to do it.”

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