The Right Approach To Find & Hire A Culture Fit Candidate

Hiring or recruiting for most job attracts plenty of applicants who are potent and qualified for the role. However, only a few manage to gel in with your company’s requirements & culture. And within that small handful is one who is perfect, an ideal fit for your company’s culture.

Interviewing someone intricately for culture fit is a challenge. It’s very easy to ask questions and gravitate towards the applicants who give well-articulated answers. But if those questions are not based on your culture, you could be zeroing on the wrong people.

Having all that said, if you value culture fit, you should make it a part of your interview procedure. You just need to hop on the right approach and avoid the possible pitfalls so you hire people who truly enhance your culture.

Define Your Culture & Come Up With Apt Questions

A lot of recruiters or interviewers search over the internet for culture-fit questions or repeat the interesting ones they have encountered before. That is why questions like “How would your previous staff describe or explain to you as a person?” or “What is so enthralling about coming to work daily?” are really popular.

These questions are certainly not vague. The only loophole they bear is they don’t help you learn anything particularly interesting about candidates. They just prove to be filler questions that take up time when you could be having more productive conversations.

Ask For Past Examples Related To Your Culture

Even if your company’s culture is defined, some candidates struggle to express what it means to them. And on the contrary, others can be a poor culture fit but still give you the answers that bless your ears.

You can overcome this challenge by mixing a few enterprise interview questions or behavioral ones. For instance, let’s assume “ownership” is one of your values. So, instead of asking them, “How willingly will you take ownership of this opportunity?” you can reframe the question and ask,” Tell me about a time in your past job where you saw a problem and took ownership of it.”

Let Someone Else Assess Culture

In some situations, your opinion could be influenced by your previous interactions. Instead of objectively evaluating the candidate you seek, it’s easy to sign off on them as culture fit without giving it enough consideration.

Many firms have their hiring team evaluate each applicant’s skills, background, and call in someone from another department to assess culture fit. They can talk specifically about what it’s like to work for your company and inform the hiring team if they believe the candidate would be an ideal fit.

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